Takeaway Food & Coffee in Toowoomba


Gourmet Express offers takeaway food service in Toowoomba. We do breakfast and lunch with snacks, coffee and tea available throughout the day. Order ahead or drop by and grab something to take with you.
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Choc Brownie— Catering & Takeaway in Toowomba, QLD

Delicious Homemade Takeaway

Our food is a labour of love. Everything that comes from our kitchen is freshly made that day by our wonderful team of family and friends. We don’t do overly processed and pre-made. Food is better when it’s fresh, delicious and healthy.  Read more
Gourmet Sandwich's — Catering & Takeaway in Toowomba, QLD

Special Meal Options

If you have any specific dietary requirements, let us know! We can accommodate your needs and ensure you get a great breakfast or lunch. Our menus are customisable to suit gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and other dietary needs.
Gourmet Express Coffee — Catering & Takeaway in Toowomba, QLD

Two Moos Coffee

Get a coffee or tea to go today. Our restaurant uses coffee blends from Two Moos Coffee, a local specialty brand based out of Toowoomba. Get a freshly brewed cuppa to brighten your morning, a chai latte to spice up the ... Read more
Store — Catering & Takeaway in Toowomba, QLD

Come Meet the Team!

We started our catering and takeaway venture years ago because we love to meet new people and make them smile with a plate of fresh, home-cooked food from our kitchen. Stop by for a bite or take your lunch to go today.